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What To Do If Your Cell Phone Gets Wet

What To Do If Your Cell Phone Gets Wet

Water damage can cause significant issues with the internal circuitry in your phone or another electronic device, leaving it inoperable and your information will be gone forever. Water damage on phones is very common, at least once we all have experienced that feeling. If you dropped your cell phone in a bucket of water, a toilet, the sea or got wet by accident with another type of liquid substance, click here to know more about the possible solutions to repair your phone.

The following are a few steps to keep in mind when you drop your phone in water

  1. Turn off your phone: The first thing you need to do is to turn off your phone as soon as possible. Do not just turn off the screen, power it down completely. Hold the power button until the phone is off. Phones don’t die because of water; they die because the water causes a short in the wiring.
  2. Take out the battery: Take off the back case and remove the battery from your cell phone. If you leave it in or try to turn it back on and off, it will cause your phone to make a short circuit.
  3. Remove the sd card or sim card: Remove all the accessories from your phone as fast as you can.
  4. Lightly dry off your water damaged accessories and phone: Use a dry garment to lightly dab the wet phone and all the components you took out. Don’t wipe it; this just causes the water to spread around. Also, avoid using a hair dryer to dry the phone because it may damage the internal components.
  5. Do or don’t use rice: The first thing everyone tells you to do is to stuff your phone in a jar full of rice. Stuffing your phone in a jar of rice is more likely to accidentally stuff rice grains inside your phone. However, rice it might hep your phone to absorb all the liquids inside of it. If you want to try this technique, just avoid moving your phone inside the bowl or bag containing rice.
  6. Wait: You need to give your phone at least 48 hours to dry. Do not even attempt to turn on your phone earlier than that to avoid short circuits.
  7. Avoid tilting, jostling or shaking your phone: If there is water inside your phone, avoid making it worse by letting it run into new places.
  8. Wash your phone: If you dropped the phone in the ocean, you might want to wash it, salt water will corrode the interior. Do the same if you dropped it in the toilet. Wash it off in a stream of clean water but do not sink it in a bowl of water.
  9. Test your cell phone: Once you have waited 48 hours, put your phone back together and try to turn it on. If it doesn’t work, it is recommended taking your cell phone with a professional to fix it.

Dropping your phone in water or any other liquids is not the end of the world. There is still hope to recover it from water damage. Expert technicians will make every effort possible to save your water damaged phone. This video provides some tips to save your phone if you dropped in water.

Real Estate Tips

ReasonsTo Buy a Home Rather Than Renting One

Over the years, many occasions involving a homeowner failing to pay mortgage fees, even going into foreclosure, were rising, and giving the option to buying your first home a bad reputation. Nowadays we can see the home market plunge back into the scene and be making that dream of yours of acquiring your house a reality. Reports have recently shown an increase in rent prices and substantial decrease in home costs, all throughout the country. Also stating the fact that this is happening in 98 out of 100 major metropolitan areas (areas including Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta). Perhaps that dream of owning a home might finally become a reality.

Here are some reasons to take that final step into owning your home

  1. Increase energy saving: Like any other homeowner out there, yo will eventually want to save in energy output, thus lowering your energy costs and saving you money in the process of doing so. Whether it will be through home insulation, to adopting green energy, such as the addition of solar panels. Going green surely makes for a great investment, in the long run, it will turn out beneficial for your pocket,  keep this option in the back of your mind.
  2. Space customization: Taking the liberty to knock down a wall, extend the living room by a couple of feet, or new additions inside your home, are obviously not possible while renting, as well as ensuring you not losing your security deposit.
  3. Buy less furniture: Experts claim a homeowner will eventually end up having to buy less furniture for their home. People that rent a place buy more due to the need of custom furniture. Acquiring a home means fewer pieces that will likely stick around in the long run.
  4. Develop a saving habit: Owning a house forces the individual to continuously put money in the “mortgage piggy bank” and not buy those expensive clothes, fancy meals, etc. Yes, this means depriving yourself of certain luxuries, but in the end, the benefit is solely for you. If you decide to sell you house when your mortgage is paid off, you might be walking away with some of the cash.
  5. Owning a home allows for a second income stream: Whether it is renting driveway space, or even a spare room, money will flow in, all thanks to your home. Thanks to the new green, energy saving way of living, renting patches of land now becomes a reality. In areas where green space is insufficient, locals rent their spaces for other to grow their veggies.
  6. No pesky landlords: People are currently renting live under constant threat, eviction notices. Randomly getting one will certainly gloom your day if your landlord decides to sell the space where they are living. Also, the massive waiting times for them to fix anything broken. Small annoyances like those can be avoided if you reside with a fixed mortgage.
  7. Fixed mortgages: The most important reason to become a homeowner is certainly the option of acquiring a fixed mortgage. It ensures you the price of the payment to not rise, even if everything else elevates their costs. Doing this, and you have secured you and your family from inflation prices.

For more information, and perhaps realizing your first purchase of a home, click here to read more. And if you are still not certain about this decision, please take your time to view this video.

Vandalism & Penalty

Penalties For Vandalism And Crime Charges

Vandalism is the damage or destruction of property that diminishes the property´s value. It is not a serious crime unless the property that has been destroyed worth a considerable amount of money. Most of the acts of vandalism are misdemeanors, the maximum penalties for these are fines and one year or more in a local prison. However, if it results in serious damage to valuable property, it is considered a felony. Whether it´s a felony or misdemeanor charge, If you are located in Culver City CA, Angels Bail Bonds can help you out with the bail you have to pay to release a relative or a friend.

Some of the different types of vandalism

  • Owned by someone else: The property you own or damage must be possessed by someone else, and you have to damage it against the owner´s consent.
  • Physical damage: Vandalism covers acts as graffiti, tagging, etching, carving and other forms of damage to someone´s property.
  • Intentionally: Is more than obvious that if you do it on purpose it is going to be vandalism, but if it´s an accident such as crashing on someone else´s fence it is not vandalism but will have to repair it.

Another type of vandalism

  • Carving your initials into public park trees, benches or on a store´s windowVandalism & Penalty
  • Keying a car or puncturing its tires
  • Breaking a building´s window

Penalties for vandalism

  • Most states categorized damage to property less than $500 as a misdemeanor. While anything worth more than $500 is a felony and it will also depend on the type of property. Here are the most common punishments for vandalism:
  • Jail: Jail sentence due to vandalism can go from a few days in jail, to many years in prison. It will depend on the amount of damage done. If you had a previous conviction for vandalism or having a criminal record for any other crimes, you may face increased jail penalties.
  • Restitution: Restitution is the money you pay for the damage you caused to the owner´s property.
  • Fines: Fines can range from several hundred dollars to $25,000 or more for the most serious offenses.
  • Probation: The court can sentence you to probation instead of fines or jail sentences. If you are a first-time offender, the court may sentence you as misdemeanor vandalism and put you on probation instead of jail time. But if you violate any of the conditions or rules that come with probation the court will order you to serve the original jail sentence stated before.
  • Community service: The court can also require you to perform community service as part of your punishment, this means you will spend a specific number of hours serving a volunteer organization or other type of community service program as a condition of your probation. Also if you fail in doing the community service, you will face the original fines and a jail sentence.

If you have been charged with a fine for the crime of vandalism, contact a bail bond agent to diminish the amount of the original fine. Here is a video that shows you the difference between a felony and misdemeanor.


SEO Errors That Decrease Your Search Rankings and Cost Your Time

Internet entrepreneurs typically have conflicting views on diverse techniques you can use to present a magnetic sponsoring review. Search engine optimization is the same way mainly because some people love it while some will not. Working for high search positions requires a lot of work, free online chat rooms and many come to feel it is not justified. There are too many factors that can adversely affect your search engine rankings, for example. Plus the efforts to find links pointing to your site never stops. On top of that, you need to keep current with everything that goes on with SEO. The work is hardly ever fun, but if you achieve outstanding results the work will be worth it. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than having avoidable mistakes wreck your search engine optimizing efforts.

Only using the very best attraction marketing content possible will give you a great advantage with Google. It is true they’re less than perfect in the way they determine search engine rankings. But you should know that they seem to be making a greater effort to weed out bad content. They also are placing a much stronger preference on sites that are more expert in nature. If all this makes you consider authority sites, then that is not completely incorrect. So at the least it is impossible to say they are being held in the dark because they are telling us what they want.

One very important, and frequently forgotten fact with on page optimization has to do with internal link building for internet marketing results. As far as inbound links, make sure you point them more to your inner pages than your home page. But far more around the worth of hyperlinks in your inner pages. You hardly ever send your entire inbound, external links to your home page, and it is your website’s internal pages that should receive the most. The total impact is to improve the amount of link juice, or power, to your home page from your internal pages. For blogs, there exists at least one plugin that automatically creates links to similar posts after each post you make. For your static sites, merely put in-line text links at appropriate places in your content with good anchor text to additional pages.

One of the main shifts with search engine optimization is including social media marketing. The objective is so your visitors are able to tell their close friends about your site. It is not difficult to find blog plugins or scripts for use on static sites to talk about to the major sites. Despite the fact that Facebook is unstoppable worldwide, Twitter is still a significant player rendering it necessary to include them. Optimizing your sites for social networking is fast becoming an important SEO concern.

However this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you need to learn about. It is necessary to always remember that Google’s algorithm is capable of having negative effects. We wouldn’t be surprised if social rankings had an increased influence together with typical backlinking.

Solar Power

The Advantages Of Solar Power: Are They Worth It?

At first glance the advantages of solar power are pretty obvious – you save money, you save natural resources and you reduce your carbon footprint. But any homeowner knows that when someone tells you they want you to buy something so you can save money – you need to take a closer look. Energy Smart PTY Ltd Are the advantages of solar power really worth the expense of installation? Or are there more cost effective ways to spend you money?

Anytime you make any type of investment in your home your first consideration is going to be how quickly you can recoup that money. And depending on the size of your home and your energy usage each month, converting to complete solar energy power could be quite expensive. How do you know if the advantages of solar power are really worth the investment?

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine how much it will cost to convert to solar energy and then look at your energy bills. Chances are, it will take you at least 3 to 5 years of energy savings to recover the costs of conversion. In some cases, though, it might take 20 years or more.

Before you leap into an all-out solar energy conversion, consider the following:

How much will it cost to convert?
Have you considered a partial conversion?
How much money will you actually save on your energy bill?
How long will it take you to recoup the initial investment?
Will it add to the value of your home?

If it’s going to cost more to convert you entire home then consider a partial conversion. One of the advantages of solar power is that you can use it to power your whole house or just one or two areas. Maybe it’s a better investment if you only use it to power your appliances or heat your water. Even a little savings is better than none.

If it’s going to take you 15 years to recover your investment and you’re planning to live there for at least 20 more, that’s fine. But if you’ll be moving within the next 5 or 6 years, will having solar energy installed increase the value of your home? Will you be able to recoup your investment when you sell the home?

The answer to both of these questions is yes, as long as you take the time to plan your installation instead of just jumping into the project. If you can’t afford a whole home conversion or if you think it won’t pay for itself fast enough, then look at only converting a portion of your home or just using solar power as a supplement when electricity usage is normally at it’s peak.

There’s no question about the fact that you’ll be helping save natural resources and doing your part to protect the environment when you convert even just a portion of your energy system to solar power.

And there’s no question about it, you will save money by converting to solar energy, whether you convert your entire home or just a portion. The only question is how long can you wait to recoup that investment. The advantages of solar power far outweigh any disadvantages as long as you plan your installation instead of just jumping into it.

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Interior Design

AD Interior Design

AD Interior Design offers a comprehensive palette of interior design services for the luxury residential interior design, commercial interior design, and green interior design market spaces:

DESIGN/STYLE: We can apply every type of style; we see the potential beauty in everything! What is important for us is that you find and create your own style. We do not want to follow typical commercial solutions or drop elements randomly into your home. Flood Restoration Brisbane Every piece has its purpose in a home. If it does not add to it or make a difference, then it does not belong there. Here are some styles to help you pick your preferences:

Vintage vavoom combines the nostalgic past with the sensibilities and passions of today. Click here for more information Vintage vavoom can show your old family pictures or other historic pieces from your personal life. Usual colors in this style are turquoise coral, pink and brown and of course white. The principles of a vintage room are the following: feature unique pieces, one-of-a-kind decorative elements choose well made items which are timeless, create a layered look, emphasize a romantic look, mix the old with the new and do not forget to personalize. Shades, lighting, textiles and little details count in this particular style, which makes it really vintage. You can mix patterns and colors, but be aware what matches with what. Altogether we will get a whimsical atmosphere and space.

The term minimalism evolved from a global meaning which was applied in several fields, but after some time in the 1960s, the famous architect and designer, Mies van der Rohe (also the leader of Bauhaus School) made it into a well known phrase. Thank you for your interest Minimalism states that less is actually more! Here the application and treatment of color becomes a fundamental and even determining element. In the dogmatic version of this style everything should be in monochrome, each wall color should be the same and only the furniture and accessories give contrast. Although nowadays these rules are being broken and different tones and colors are often used. As we see colors are crucial in this style and designers make a huge effort to choose the perfect tones within the house. Just that we know, complementary colors are orange to blue, violet to yellow, and green to red. All of these pairs show that the warm colors and the cool colors are complements of each other. Of course minimalism likes to use only black and white, where great contrasts are evolving and elegance will be the key ally. Transparent and translucent elements are very often used and inbuilt lighting make the space ultra modern or fill it up with warmness. Big open spaces and clear elements characterize the ever changing minimalist style.

Eclecticism is a combination of different styles from different historical periods. This style has became popular today, utilizing the baroque chandeliers and classicist elements and patterns that are mixed with the high modern plastic and metallic furniture and accessories. In eclecticism we have to be very careful to get a professional look and not only putting random items together. Not only colors and materials are important but we have to know the time periods of the elements as well.

REMODEL/REFURBISH: Are you bored to enter the same place again and again? Do you want to change your home or just a room? We offer you different solutions, green ideas and refurbish your old furniture. Witness as old furniture becomes new and exciting!

COORDINATING/ ASSISTANCE: For a home builder the most difficult challenge is time and coordination. It is very hard to be everywhere, to create your style and meanwhile coordinating all that. We can help you to save time and money in this. Do you want to go shopping for your home, but you do not know where to start where to go and what to chose? You can give us a call and we help you with assistance.

INSTALLATION: Did you purchase a new sofa? Do you have tons of accessories lying all over the place? We can help you! Finding the right place for every little item and installing them is a very important step to make your home perfect. Whether you lack time or you simply need the professional touch, do not hesitate to ask. We provide services which include drilling, painting, switching, carrying and getting a big burden off your shoulder.

GREEN LIVING: Sustainable, green solutions are very important for us. Not only to save us money in this economy, but to do our part in saving the environment. Green ideas, solutions in the house and green building materials can make a big difference. Using the energy sources around us and be smart with our precious Earth which is in such a bad condition unfortunately. Our aim is to teach how to create green living and to apply them in the everyday life.

CONSULTING: To begin any design project, the starting point is consulting. We would like to see the needs of our clients and how can we help them to make their home or working areas more comfortable and create the perfect atmosphere. We offer different brochures and style selection charts so that we get to know taste in color, style, shape and material. Also, if a client only needs minor consulting or suggestions, we are here for them too! If they fell in love with a piece and do not know how to place it in their existing home, we can help.


Automotive Repair Software Reviews and Advice

AutomotiveRepairSoftware.netto share my knowledge in two areas that I have a passion for –
automobiles and computer technology. I have been involved with both since the mid 1970’s. A master mechanic myself who has owned two repair shops, I’ve been around lots of automotive shop software in my time. I have seen the good, bad, and ugly in shop management software, and hopefully I can help organize and sort through some of the best and most popular software packages out there to help you make better and easier decisions on which software might be best for your shop . On my site I review software for automotive shops, car detailing melbourne best practices in IT for automotive shops, and give away my best tips I’ve learned over the years. Since I’ve retired from fixing cars for a living (anyone still need a CISC/Cobol programmer ?), I have been restoring classic cars from the 80’s, including a 1981 Turbo Trans-Am and a 1987 T-Type Regal ….Feel free to reach out to me on my contact page .

Your Buddy, Morris

Running an automotive repair shop today is certainly not like it used to be. When I was a kid, I spent a good amount of time working in my father’s auto repair shop up in Syracuse, NY – that was back in the early 70’s. Managing the shop and writing estimates was about as complicated as the big bulky carbon-copy triplicate “invoice machine” that had this big, ugly crank on the side that churned out the customers pink copy of the work order estimate.

Nowadays, the right automotive shop software is essential if an owner expects to compete for the ever more sophisticated customer. The right software can give your repair facility the edge by minimizing costs, maximizing profits and optimizing the overall workflow of your shop. For the shop owner who is looking to either replace an existing system, or install a brand new system from scratch, the choices and options can be overwhelming…hopefully I may be able to help a bit

Automotive Shop Software should not be seen as a cost, but rather an investment. The right software system will be as indispensable as your 13mm socket or torque wrench. Software in the shop can truly thought of as a tool – something that can be utilized to ultimately make you more money…isn’t that the real end goal anyway?

The editor of has researched and reviewed some of the more popular integrated automotive repair software applications, so hopefully you may save some time and effort in choosing the best automotive repair software for your business. We do not have any affiliations nor do we receive any financial compensation or commissions from the companies or publishers of the software products we review or recommend.

ProRepair XRI
ProRepair is a full-featured, Windows-based automotive repair software that is designed to handle every aspect of today’s automotive repair facility, as well as retail automotive parts stores. ProRepair is designed with the goal of optimizing the workflow and invoice management of a busy shop. All customer interactions from the initial estimate and Mark Warner all the way to the follow-up thank you to the customer is automated and managed by ProRepair software. Designed to be used by staffers with minimal training on the software, ProRepair will allow your employees to get up to speed quickly on every aspect of managing the shop and servicing customers. Features enhanced security and multiple Price license for complex business rules and flexible configuration. Click Here for the full review of ProRepair Automotive Repair Software.

AutoRepairBoss has a 20 year history of managing automotive repair facilities and tire shops. This automotive repair software features a professional grade accounting software core with robust features like transaction auditing general ledger reconciliation, Accounts Payable and receivable and over 100 other specific accounting functions. AutoRepairBoss is available in several varieties suitable to fit most any budget, and its modular design allows you to add on new functions and features as you need them without having to invest upfront in areas that you may not need to automate. Unique features such as automated off-site data backup make AutoRepairBoss a must-see for anyone contemplating a serious solution for their automotive service business. One of the most reasonably priced shop management software packages that is available today. To read the full review of AutoRepairBossClick Here.

WinWorks AutoShop
Since the early 1990s, WinWorks AutoShop has been the trusted solution for over 3,000 automotive repair shops around the world. Engineered from the ground up, specifically with the automotive service manager and technician in mind, AutoShop handles every aspect of even the most complex scenarios imaginable in a busy automotive service facility. Highly customizable to suit different business configurations, this software package will pay for itself in no time with boosted productivity, significant labor savings, and increased customer satisfaction. Designed to make the entire workflow of the shop work in harmony by allowing work orders and customer information to flow from start to finish seamlessly. To read more about AutoShopClick Here.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men and Women

Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery. Men and women have cosmetic surgery in order to change their appearance or to look younger. stop snoring mouthpiece Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can be performed on the face or body. In general, the cost of cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance, so someone considering this type of procedure needs to have the financing. It’s also essential to choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic surgery clinic or hospital.

In recent years, the number of cosmetic surgery procedures has dropped, although the number of men seeking plastic surgery has gone up. Last year, there were 10 million surgical and nonsurgical procedures, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. That’s down from the year before. In the United Kingdom, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons saw a similar decline. The biggest drop was seen in big procedures such as tummy tucks and rhinoplasty. There was, however, an increase in butt implants and butt augmentation – possibly a result of people who lost weight. Breast augmentation was the most popular procedure, this following a lifting of the ban on silicon implants. Non-surgical procedures such as Botox and cosmetic fillers remained the same, which may be due to the fact that they cost less than surgical procedures. The fact that dermal fillers and begin offered in more places may also be a factor.

Until this point, the number of cosmetic surgeries being performed had been steadily increasing. Several years ago, nearly 12 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in the United States, compared to 8 million at the start of the century. Even with a decline, cosmetic surgery is a 12 billion dollar business in the U.S. The most commonly performed procedures are, in order:

breast augmentation – over 300 million
liposuction – over 300 million
eyelid surgery – over 195 million
nose surgery – over 150 million
tummy tuck – over 140 million
The above procedures are classified as traditional “cut-and-stitch” procedures. So-called minimally invasive procedures are also increasing. For example, the use of injectables is up, with over 4 million Botox procedures in 2007 and over 2 million in 2008. There were also over one million procedures involving hyaluronic acid fillers. Chemical peels and laser resurfacing account for another one million procedures in 2008. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons also show that there is an increase in the number of cosmetic procedures being performed on both men and women, although women are still overwhelmingly more likely than men to have cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t something for men or women to take lightly. Cosmetic surgery prices can be high. Do a lot of research. Explore a variety of cosmetic surgery resources and websites. You should always consider if you really need this, and make sure you see a qualified cosmetic surgery doctor. Cosmetic surgery procedures can target the face, the body, even the hair. A number of common ones with links follow below.

Again, these are serious procedures and should not be taken lightly. So before considering cosmetic surgery, give a lot of thought to whether or not you really need this. Unlike many plastic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries are not essential. Be especially cautious if you are considering cosmetic surgery abroad. Be realistic in what you expect from the cosmetic surgery. Think about questions to ask before cosmetic surgery. Make sure you ask about your cosmetic surgeon’s board certification. Make sure that – whether you are using a hospital’s plastic surgery department or a cosmetic surgery clinic – that it is a properly accredited facility. You will also need to get information on cosmetic surgery costs for your procedure, as well as financing. Costs can vary widely, depending on whether this is a less complicated laser procedure, for example, or a major body contouring after weight loss.

Health Tips

Top 10 Healthiest Foods

Tips to Keep your Skin Healthy and Hair Beautiful

Being young and beautiful has always been the biggest concern of all women. Click here for more information While many of them are trying different methods, like going to SPA, applying all sorts of chemical masks, creams and solutions on their bodies, there is a small category of women who know that the real answer lies in a proper healthy diet; because a healthy body means a beautiful body.
Depending on our diet, we can have a beautiful shaped body or an unhealthy one that will only lead to more and more health issues, sooner or later. Therefore, choosing a proper daily diet can save you from spending good money on health products, clinics or other treatments that can ruin your life. According to many studies, fruits can make tremendous positive changes to our skin and hair. However, not all fruits have this amazing potential therefore, you should know which ones will be adequate for keeping your skin smooth and your hair shining.

It is already known that fruits are rich in vitamins, enzymes, different types of acids and antioxidants that are essential for our body health. Moreover, with a fruit diet, you will not only be able to maintain a beautiful skin and hair, but the entire shape of your body. Therefore, you must include the fruits mentioned below in your diet and body treatment if you want to keep your body young and attractive:
• Apples contain organic acids, pectin and sugar, which can moisture and soften your skin in the best possible way. You can either apply a mask after every bathing or mix your bathing water with apple juice, which will help your skin to rejuvenate and will keep your hair glowing.
• Bananas are known to be rich in vital proteins that are essential for any type of human skin. Applying a banana mask should improve your face skin health immediately. However, keep in mind to use only organic masks and if you cannot afford such products, you can always mash some bananas and mix them with two spoons of honey and apply the composition to your face and hair; you will see results after the first week.
• Lemons also should not deprive from your body treatment; because of the high amount of acid these fruits can soften the skin around elbows and knees. Squeezing few drops of lemon juice in your bathing water should improve the quality of your skin considerably.
• Papaya is one of the best fruits that can cleanse your skin from impurities because of the high-level of enzymes present in the fruit composition. However, it is advisable not to include this fruit in your daily diet.
There are many other fruits that can help you keep a healthy skin and glowing hair, but having the ones mentioned above in your daily diet and body treatment should take you to your winning point without too much effort and costs.