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Automotive Repair Software Reviews and Advice

Automotive Repair Software Reviews and Advice

AutomotiveRepairSoftware.netto share my knowledge in two areas that I have a passion for –
automobiles and computer technology. I have been involved with both since the mid 1970’s. A master mechanic myself who has owned two repair shops, I’ve been around lots of automotive shop software in my time. I have seen the good, bad, and ugly in shop management software, and hopefully I can help organize and sort through some of the best and most popular software packages out there to help you make better and easier decisions on which software might be best for your shop . On my site I review software for automotive shops, car detailing melbourne best practices in IT for automotive shops, and give away my best tips I’ve learned over the years. Since I’ve retired from fixing cars for a living (anyone still need a CISC/Cobol programmer ?), I have been restoring classic cars from the 80’s, including a 1981 Turbo Trans-Am and a 1987 T-Type Regal ….Feel free to reach out to me on my contact page .

Your Buddy, Morris

Running an automotive repair shop today is certainly not like it used to be. When I was a kid, I spent a good amount of time working in my father’s auto repair shop up in Syracuse, NY – that was back in the early 70’s. Managing the shop and writing estimates was about as complicated as the big bulky carbon-copy triplicate “invoice machine” that had this big, ugly crank on the side that churned out the customers pink copy of the work order estimate.

Nowadays, the right automotive shop software is essential if an owner expects to compete for the ever more sophisticated customer. The right software can give your repair facility the edge by minimizing costs, maximizing profits and optimizing the overall workflow of your shop. For the shop owner who is looking to either replace an existing system, or install a brand new system from scratch, the choices and options can be overwhelming…hopefully I may be able to help a bit

Automotive Shop Software should not be seen as a cost, but rather an investment. The right software system will be as indispensable as your 13mm socket or torque wrench. Software in the shop can truly thought of as a tool – something that can be utilized to ultimately make you more money…isn’t that the real end goal anyway?

The editor of has researched and reviewed some of the more popular integrated automotive repair software applications, so hopefully you may save some time and effort in choosing the best automotive repair software for your business. We do not have any affiliations nor do we receive any financial compensation or commissions from the companies or publishers of the software products we review or recommend.

ProRepair XRI
ProRepair is a full-featured, Windows-based automotive repair software that is designed to handle every aspect of today’s automotive repair facility, as well as retail automotive parts stores. ProRepair is designed with the goal of optimizing the workflow and invoice management of a busy shop. All customer interactions from the initial estimate and Mark Warner all the way to the follow-up thank you to the customer is automated and managed by ProRepair software. Designed to be used by staffers with minimal training on the software, ProRepair will allow your employees to get up to speed quickly on every aspect of managing the shop and servicing customers. Features enhanced security and multiple Price license for complex business rules and flexible configuration. Click Here for the full review of ProRepair Automotive Repair Software.

AutoRepairBoss has a 20 year history of managing automotive repair facilities and tire shops. This automotive repair software features a professional grade accounting software core with robust features like transaction auditing general ledger reconciliation, Accounts Payable and receivable and over 100 other specific accounting functions. AutoRepairBoss is available in several varieties suitable to fit most any budget, and its modular design allows you to add on new functions and features as you need them without having to invest upfront in areas that you may not need to automate. Unique features such as automated off-site data backup make AutoRepairBoss a must-see for anyone contemplating a serious solution for their automotive service business. One of the most reasonably priced shop management software packages that is available today. To read the full review of AutoRepairBossClick Here.

WinWorks AutoShop
Since the early 1990s, WinWorks AutoShop has been the trusted solution for over 3,000 automotive repair shops around the world. Engineered from the ground up, specifically with the automotive service manager and technician in mind, AutoShop handles every aspect of even the most complex scenarios imaginable in a busy automotive service facility. Highly customizable to suit different business configurations, this software package will pay for itself in no time with boosted productivity, significant labor savings, and increased customer satisfaction. Designed to make the entire workflow of the shop work in harmony by allowing work orders and customer information to flow from start to finish seamlessly. To read more about AutoShopClick Here.