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Skin Care Tips
Skin Care Tips

The Best Way To Prepare Your Skin Before And After Waxing

Waxing is a popular option to keep your skin smoother and hairless for weeks. Whether you are waxing your upper lip area and your eyebrows or you are getting a larger expanse such as back, chest or legs, your skin needs preparation to minimize the discomfort and help you achieve the best results. If you are looking for a trustable and reliable beauty salon to try waxing for the first time, read more here to know about all about the waxing process.

Here are some helpful tips you should follow to prepare your skin before and after waxing

Before waxing

Check your skin

No matter what part of your body you are waxing, check your skin always before you go to an appointment. Broken skin or irritation needs to heal before you are ready to wax. If you have beauty marks or moles, point them out to the esthetician to protect them during the waxing process.

Let the hair grow, not too long though

Keep the hair long enough for the wax to grip it. But when the hair is too short, the wax won´t pick it up well enough to remove the hair. When it´s too long, it might prevent wax from adhering causing more pain. Two to three weeks of growth is ideal for underarms, legs and bikini hair.

Light exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin gently a day or two before waxing and avoid harsh scrubs the day of your waxing appointment. Exfoliation helps wax to grab hair and not skin; it can also leave skin more sensitive to pain, so the lighter, the better.

Moisturize the skin a few days before the appointment´s day

Moisturize your skin well on the days before an appointment. Healthy well-moisturized skin allows the wax to release easily. Be careful, too much moisturizer could coat the hair and intervene with the wax´s grip, so consider to avoid moisturizing on the day of your waxing session.

The bikini area

Keep skin in the bikini area scrupulously clean. Waxing can leave skin vulnerable to infections and bacterias are more prone to grow.

After waxing

Relieve the burn

Use Neosporin, cortisone or aloe immediately afterward to calm any redness or irritation.

Prevent ingrown hairs

Use antibacterial body wash, exfoliating regularly and using ingrown prevention products will keep ingrow hairs to a minimum.

Avoid hot water

Don´t take hot showers or exercise right after you waxed your skin needs time to calm down. Also, avoid exposure to the sun.

Waxing can be a great option to get rid of unwanted hair, but it is important all that entails waxing and that sometimes is not as simple as we thought. If you don´t have any experience doing this don´t do it to someone else or yourself, in these cases is better to see a professional to avoid any skin damage and severe irritation. This video provides more tips for pre and post waxing care you need to consider if it´s your first time waxing.