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Vandalism & Penalty
Vandalism & Penalty

Penalties For Vandalism And Crime Charges

Vandalism is the damage or destruction of property that diminishes the property´s value. It is not a serious crime unless the property that has been destroyed worth a considerable amount of money. Most of the acts of vandalism are misdemeanors, the maximum penalties for these are fines and one year or more in a local prison. However, if it results in serious damage to valuable property, it is considered a felony. Whether it´s a felony or misdemeanor charge, If you are located in Culver City CA, Angels Bail Bonds can help you out with the bail you have to pay to release a relative or a friend.

Some of the different types of vandalism

  • Owned by someone else: The property you own or damage must be possessed by someone else, and you have to damage it against the owner´s consent.
  • Physical damage: Vandalism covers acts as graffiti, tagging, etching, carving and other forms of damage to someone´s property.
  • Intentionally: Is more than obvious that if you do it on purpose it is going to be vandalism, but if it´s an accident such as crashing on someone else´s fence it is not vandalism but will have to repair it.

Another type of vandalism

  • Carving your initials into public park trees, benches or on a store´s windowVandalism & Penalty
  • Keying a car or puncturing its tires
  • Breaking a building´s window

Penalties for vandalism

  • Most states categorized damage to property less than $500 as a misdemeanor. While anything worth more than $500 is a felony and it will also depend on the type of property. Here are the most common punishments for vandalism:
  • Jail: Jail sentence due to vandalism can go from a few days in jail, to many years in prison. It will depend on the amount of damage done. If you had a previous conviction for vandalism or having a criminal record for any other crimes, you may face increased jail penalties.
  • Restitution: Restitution is the money you pay for the damage you caused to the owner´s property.
  • Fines: Fines can range from several hundred dollars to $25,000 or more for the most serious offenses.
  • Probation: The court can sentence you to probation instead of fines or jail sentences. If you are a first-time offender, the court may sentence you as misdemeanor vandalism and put you on probation instead of jail time. But if you violate any of the conditions or rules that come with probation the court will order you to serve the original jail sentence stated before.
  • Community service: The court can also require you to perform community service as part of your punishment, this means you will spend a specific number of hours serving a volunteer organization or other type of community service program as a condition of your probation. Also if you fail in doing the community service, you will face the original fines and a jail sentence.

If you have been charged with a fine for the crime of vandalism, contact a bail bond agent to diminish the amount of the original fine. Here is a video that shows you the difference between a felony and misdemeanor.