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Top 10 Healthiest Foods
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Top 10 Healthiest Foods

Tips to Keep your Skin Healthy and Hair Beautiful

Being young and beautiful has always been the biggest concern of all women. Click here for more information While many of them are trying different methods, like going to SPA, applying all sorts of chemical masks, creams and solutions on their bodies, there is a small category of women who know that the real answer lies in a proper healthy diet; because a healthy body means a beautiful body.
Depending on our diet, we can have a beautiful shaped body or an unhealthy one that will only lead to more and more health issues, sooner or later. Therefore, choosing a proper daily diet can save you from spending good money on health products, clinics or other treatments that can ruin your life. According to many studies, fruits can make tremendous positive changes to our skin and hair. However, not all fruits have this amazing potential therefore, you should know which ones will be adequate for keeping your skin smooth and your hair shining.

It is already known that fruits are rich in vitamins, enzymes, different types of acids and antioxidants that are essential for our body health. Moreover, with a fruit diet, you will not only be able to maintain a beautiful skin and hair, but the entire shape of your body. Therefore, you must include the fruits mentioned below in your diet and body treatment if you want to keep your body young and attractive:
• Apples contain organic acids, pectin and sugar, which can moisture and soften your skin in the best possible way. You can either apply a mask after every bathing or mix your bathing water with apple juice, which will help your skin to rejuvenate and will keep your hair glowing.
• Bananas are known to be rich in vital proteins that are essential for any type of human skin. Applying a banana mask should improve your face skin health immediately. However, keep in mind to use only organic masks and if you cannot afford such products, you can always mash some bananas and mix them with two spoons of honey and apply the composition to your face and hair; you will see results after the first week.
• Lemons also should not deprive from your body treatment; because of the high amount of acid these fruits can soften the skin around elbows and knees. Squeezing few drops of lemon juice in your bathing water should improve the quality of your skin considerably.
• Papaya is one of the best fruits that can cleanse your skin from impurities because of the high-level of enzymes present in the fruit composition. However, it is advisable not to include this fruit in your daily diet.
There are many other fruits that can help you keep a healthy skin and glowing hair, but having the ones mentioned above in your daily diet and body treatment should take you to your winning point without too much effort and costs.